Montag, 15. September 2014

M8 Greyhound and Deuce '2 and a half trucks'

Normally today I wanted to presented a squad of early war Germans here to accompany my recently finished Panzer II. Or some more 15mm U.S. Paratroopers to reinforce my troops for Battlegroup. But as Wayland don't get my Paratroopers on their way and me having a sudden attack of wargamers ADHD I changed plans so today here's something I haven't even had on my screen till last week.

Montag, 1. September 2014

On to Moscow! - Panzerkampfwagen II

As I pretty much like anything WW2 (and especially German) related I decided to start a little early war side project. I was pondering about doing the desert war with the nice Artizan range of figures but as my local dealer had some of the rather nice 'Blitzkrieg Germans' from Warlord Games I went for those. On the plus side I can use my Soviets as opponents and only need to do some early war reinforcements like maybe a BA-6 and/ or BT-10...

Montag, 25. August 2014

Battle of the Hürtgen Forest - 82nd Airborne Division #1

Today for something different. At least scale wise... some of you may have already seen I had done a hand full 15mm U.S. Paratroopers quite some time ago. Now while I had my recent clean out I stumbled over them again and as nobody seemed willing to buy them I gave the rest of them a go.

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Rush for Berlin 18: Further Russian Reinforcements

After obviously having rediscovered my painting Mojo and especially my love for Russian soldiers in WW2 I had a crack on some more of these buggers. All of the figures are from Warlord Games again and definitely are some of their better newish sculpts. For the most part I dislike the comic style some or better most of their newer figures, for example the Waffen-SS or German Heer, have to them. Especially most of their "Separate Head System" often look more like some ugly grimaces than real faces. Same with the heads for their "Siberian Veterans" plastics box. Somehow they seem to imagine all Siberians beeing slant eyed maniacs.... *rant off*

Freitag, 15. August 2014

The Great War Project No.6: The Great War Painting Club figure

As some of you will probably know there's a "Great War Painting Club" thing going on at the Lead Adventure Forum right at the moment. So in order to take part I grabbed me one of those Russian Stormtroopers from Brigade Games sitting on my shelf and waiting patiently to see some paint.

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Fall of the western Empire 18: 2nd unit of Palatinae ready for battle

With the football fever still raging over here at Moiti towers I have a convenient excuse not to do much painting lately.
Despite beeing still tired to the bones from a weekend in Austria celebrating the stag party of a close friend of mine, followed by two long football nights, I finally managed to make some shots of my newest additions to my Late Romans.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Fall of the western Empire 17: New frankish warriors

Well, it's been a while since I wrote my last post and frankly I really didn't paint that much during the last few weeks.
On the one hand this had something to do with the blistering heat we were to 'enjoy' for a couple of weeks...

Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

The Great War Project #5: Russian Shocktroopers

I'm back from my holidays in sunny Italy. After a week of sun and absolutely fantastic food this means back to business. I didn't even try to catch up with all the blog posts I missed so my sincere apologies to all of you.

Yesterday, after a hand full of sleep after all night driving, I finished the bases on my first full squad of tsarist Russian Shocktroops.

Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Fall of the western Empire 16: 2nd base of Roman archers

This week I painted up the figures for my 2nd base of late Roman archers for Dux Bellorum. This brings me to a total of 31 of 32 recommended points for DB.
The missing point I think I'll fill up with some frankish mercenary skirmishers for now.