Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

4th AHPC VI submission: 15mm Caesarian Roman Heavy Cavalry (32 Points)

With workload increasing to a completely unexpected level, I not only had no time swinging the brushes, but also to post my latest entry to the challenge. If things continue to eat up even the last bit of my spare time I can hardly see me reaching my goal of 500 points in this years challenge, let alone beating my friend Chris in our side challenge. But enough with the whining, here's the painted lead:
Once again work got in the way of enjoyable and civilized pastime. Nonetheless I thought it appropriate to show a sign of life, no matter how small. Thus I present to you eight 15mm Caesarian Romans from Forged in Battle/ Westwind Miniatures. The miniatures are based for use as heavy cavalry in Impetus.

Except for some minor casting issues (the feet on some of the riders were not fully cast) these, once again were a blast to paint. I think I even enjoyed painting horses for the first time in my hobby career.

A few years back I started a Caesarian Roman project in 28mm, which, due to various reasons, never got off the ground. As mentioned in my last post I'm planning to go 15mm for some of my future projects, so I thought it might be the right time to revive this old favourite of mine only in a smaller scale. And no Curt, 20mm is no option ;-) While the AB figures are certainly nice, I simply can't get to grips with that particular scale painting wise. Don't want to rant again about the subject, but 20mm to me is quite a half-assed thing. Somewhere in between the pro's and con's of 28mm and 15mm. I'll stick with 20mm for my modern stuff, as decent Bundeswehr is hard to find in both the other scales, but nothing else... as of yet ;-)

As I want my force to be based on Legio X Equestris I went for a heavily stylized bull on the signum. Thinking about how unwilling I normally am to do free hands I'm actually quite chuffed with how it turned out. The shields only got a basic geometrical design copied from Heresy Brush's take on the very same figures (sorry can't find an image for illustration).

This should give me another 32 points to add to my total. This also helps me to cement* (well, 'cement' might be a bit over enthusiastic) my lead in the 'Bavarian challenge' with 285 (Having already added the 20 points from the bonus round entry) straight points vs. ChristopherS's 244 points.

*By the time writing this Chris of course already outpaced me by a formidable 49 points.

Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

3rd AHPC VI submission: 'Let it rip' - Defensive Terrain Bonus Round entry

Meant to post this a lot earlier but work got in the way. Nonetheless the poll for your favourite interpretation of 'Defensive Terrain' is still open, so make sure you head over and leave your vote.

It was a close run thing but I finaly got something in to the bonus rounds. With a little more time at hand and a head full of ideas I enthusiastically dived head first into the preparations. At first I was planning to do a little WW1 diorama but, while having the right figures, lacked in the skill and patience to pull it off. Than, while rummaging through the attic, I stumbled across some old Warhammer 40k terrain which would have fit the bill and instantly set to work to pimp it up. When finished, but before painting, I actually realised that terrain isn't really the focus of the challenge and I'd need figures to go with it. Running short on time and not really feeling like spending crazy money on some Forge World Death Korps of Krieg miniatures (which I would have liked to use for the particular piece and am eyeing for some years now), it was now time to turn to plan C: the ever trusty and highly popular (at least with me) World War 2 plastics by Warlord Games.

The figures are from the newish plastic Fallschirmjäger set converted using cutting, gluing, offensive speech and some pieces of the older plastic sets. I can't actually put my finger on it, but the Fallschirmjäger set left me a little unimpressed. I'm not exactly sure on why that's the case, as except for the detail, which is a little soft, it's in no way worse than the last sets. Maybe it's me comparing them to the older metal figures which have waaay more character. That said I hated the bad casting quality on the metal figures.

Using crates and some other paraphernalia from the bitz box I created a suitably 'defensive' looking base to go with the figures. To add a little interest to the otherwise still quite bland stack of crates, I added a camo cover made from tissue paper. A trick I already used in one of the last challenges. In order to be able to remove casualties, the loader was magnetised.

This entry should give me 20 points (10 for the miniatures and another ten for the crew served weapon) for the Bavarian challenge and an aditional 50 points for my over all target.

Montag, 25. Januar 2016

2nd AHPC VI submission: 15mm US Airborne force for Battlegroup and additional pics

Today my second entry for the 6th incarnation of the Analogie Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Finally the kitchen is completed (well, almost... you know how this works) and I'm back on the brushes. So this week sees me submitting a few American Airborne in winter clothing for use with the Battlegroup set of WW2 rules. I'm planing on using them for the Battle of the Bulge and maybe Hürtgen Forest using the lists from Operation Overlord. Iron Fist are to release a dedicated book (softcover) for Battle of the Bulge sometime soonish but as of now the lists will be taken from Overlord anyway.

The miniatures and tanks are all from Battlefront Miniatures. While some of them are nice or OK sculpts, only suffering from bad casting, others are absolutely awful. The six Sherman M4A4's are from the original 'Open Fire' starter set and some of the worst plastic tanks I had the displeasure to deal with to date. To make them look a little less like ugly toys I added some stowage from Battlefront. The platoon leaders got reinforced armour in form of sandbags to the sides. Unfortunately I didn't have any US markings in 15mm at home so only the mandatory stars (taken from 28mm decal sheets) were added.

First Platoon

Second Platoon
Here's some close ups of individual tanks:

They were painted using the US Armor Camouflage set from Ammo of MIG Jimenez. As I quite liked how they came out I decided to not whitewash them but in hindsight I should have done that little extra step. Originally the tracks were intended to look muddy but as so often with pigments the results were quite different from what I had intended. For some reason the pigments dried out whiteish and I had to go over them with several layers of brown wash. Thus ruining the wet/ muddy look completely.

The crew for the .50 cal AA HMG were probably the worst miniatures ever. Despite having a set of three and taking only the best figures, they were just rubbish. Almost no detail, lots of flash and badly cast. Especially for the price BF are asking for their offerings, it feels like robbery to get such bad castings.


60mm light mortar

.30 cal medium machine gun


Overall I really enjoyed painting in a smaller scale than usual and am quite happy with how these came out. I still have to adapt my painting to 15mm but as I'm slowly running out of storage space, and really like how fast one can build a sizable force, I'll probably switch the most part of my painting to this scale.

Together with miniatures I painted earlier that gives me a well sized starting force of three not fully equipped platoons for Battlegroup. I still have/ want to bolster it out with some more stuff like trucks, halftracks, jeeps and scout vehicles. First though, I'll probably start on the Germans in order to get in a game some time soon.

Airborne Squad
To conclude this rather lengthy post a pic of one of two AT-guns and its support base, I painted up before the challenge:

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by.

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

1st submission to the challenge: Curtgeld: Han Solo (20 Points)

I had a late start into the challenge this year but last week saw me finally entering the roster of the VI Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Right now the second of the 'Theme Bonus Rounds' is underway and if you want to treat you to some mighty fine and inspiring brush work you should make sure to head over and leave your vote.

Finaly I'm able to submit my very first entry to this years challenge. May I present to you my latest project,  a terrain build in 1/1 scale:

The lovely Mrs. Moiterei and me bought a flat in the heart of Nuernberg a few years ago. Now we're slowly about to renovate it. This year it was the kitchens turn to get a full make over. The walls were scraped clean of wallpapers, the seams between the sheetrocks newly filled and sanded, and the floor and one side were finaly tiled. Well, what's still to do? Plenty I'd say! Plastering the walls, building a new ceiling with integrated LED spots and assembling the new kitchen... With last years challenge also hampered by building works, my big goal is to be able to participate in next years challenge with the flat completely renovated and me taking full advantage of 4 weeks of winter holidays.

Well ok. As I suppose Curt isn't anymore likely to grant points for a terrain build , even if it's 1/1, than he is for office furniture, I should get on with something relevant I guess.

So here's my Curtgeld for this year. A (slightly larger than) 28mm Han Solo miniature from the Rebel Assault board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Actually this was planed to be my submission for the Nostalgia bonus round, but for reasons mentioned above I simply didn't get it done in time. So instead of waiting to submit it for the last bonus round (gamblers/ risk takers) I finally wanted to be on the roster. For god knows when I come around to paint something else than the kitchen...

So why Han Solo as Curtgeld and why Nostalgia, you may ask. As you're all aware Curt has asked us for a miniature of a gambler and/ or risk taker. Anybody who knows the original three Star Wars movies will know Han Solo fits both rolls perfectly. He's a daredevil par excellence and when he's not risking his or the lives of his comrades he likes to play Sabbac (a Sci-Fi kind of Poker I'd say). And therefore he's also literally a gambler.

And why Nostalgia? Well, Star Wars was one of the very first movies I can remember watching together with my father as a child. Since the very first moment I was hooked by this epic tale of good versus bad. It never really let me go and always was a part of my life, one way or the other. Be it for books I read, toys I collected or even video games I played. Fond memories of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter on my very first PC spring to mind....

Well, I disgress. Han Solo always was the character I loved the most. No Luke Skywalker, no Princess Leia, no Darth Vader, for me it was Harrison Ford as Han Solo who made the movies to what they are.

Due to the material used the figure was a pain in the back to clean but, except for some weak detail on the sleeves, was a joy to paint. In my opinion it captures the character perfectly and is a must have for any avid Star Wars enthusiast.

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Franco-Prussian War French Line Infantry

As some might have noticed, Sören of Black Powder Games blog fame has anounced the start of a new company specialising in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 - 71. If not you definitely should pay a visit to his blog and see for yourself.

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Some last miniatures before the challenge begins...

... well, to be precise, the frenzy that is 'The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge', has already begun.

By this time I wanted to be ready to go and to have cleared my painting table from any back log. But as every year I'm late and as I'm still in no real painting mood. I only finished the last miniatures while the challenge actually was already on for several hours.

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2015

Fallschirmjäger Colour Guide

It has taken me a while to finish this and frankly I'm hardly doing anything on the hobby front lately.
Nonetheless here's my Colour Guide on how I do my Fallschirmjäger.

Step 1: As before the figure was undercoated using Vallejo Black Surface Primer.
The trousers were done using my recipe for Feldgrau as detailed in my 'Late War German Colour Guide'. For the Jumpsmock I used:

A VMC German Field Grey + VMC Green Grey (~2/1)
B VMC German Field Grey + VMC Green Grey (~1/2)
C VMC Green Grey
D VMC German Camo Beige

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Mid War German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung L

I really don't know what it is that fascinates me that much about the Panzer III. Maybe it's the fact that it's often overlooked by gamers in favour of the later big cats or the Panzer IV. Or maybe it's just its shilouette which somehow looks mean and menacing, especially when compared to the design of Sherman tanks and the like. Or maybe it's the fact that it soldiered on during the whole conflict (albeit in ever diminishing numbers) despite beeing more or less obsolete since the Wehrmacht encountered the T-34 in Russia.
No matter what the reason is, the moment I saw Warlord Games releasing a plastic Panzer III I knew I had to get my hands on at least one of these beauties.

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Late War German Colour Guide

Over the last few months I've recieved some requests as to how I'm painting my WW2 stuff. As it seems like there's quite some interest I've decided to write colour guides for my various armies. Please keep in mind these are not meant to be exhaustive or overly historically accurate. It's just the way I like MY miniatures to look.

The main problem concerning historical accuracy in my eyes is if you're going 100% accurate the miniatures might end up looking too drab on the table. So I'm generally going for brighter/ richer colours than might be 'true'.

Beeing a pot painter and having mixed most of my paints years ago all percentages given for colour mixes are just rough estimates and should be adjusted to individual needs/ preferences.

I'm working heavily with black lining using the black undercoat as some sort of darkest base colour. This certainly is no must but in my eyes helps to distinguish different albeit quite similar colours like for example VMC Fieldgrey and VMC Russian Green.

Step 1: To start things off I've already finished the base and given the miniature a thorough undercoat of Vallejo Black Surface Primer.